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Jun 13, 2019


The sun is a given. How we use it? That’s a choice. Washington stands on the brink of changing its sunrise. And an architect basks in the sunlight of a school he designed.




This episode was produced by Julia Drachman and edited by Nathalie Chicha and Doug Beyers. Score by Phoenix Glendinning. Songs include "The...

May 9, 2019

Whether you've done a 6-month-long Konmari overhaul or a hardcore 48-hour purge, chances are you've put together a number of "give away piles" in your life. What comes next? Julia cleans out her childhood bedroom and wonders how to give a proper goodbye to bags full of clothes, books, and jewelry.



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Apr 10, 2019

On March 21, 1919, a reporter went to a street corner in lower Manhattan and asked passersby, "Do you think this is a good world?" 100 years later, Ula goes to the same street corner and asks the same question.

This episode was produced by Ula Kulpa and Julia Drachman in collaboration with the KCRW podcast Here Be...

Feb 13, 2019

Orca pods in Seattle are struggling. Last summer, one orca sent a message that caught the whole city's attention. 

Read Lynda Mapes' ongoing series about the orcas and check out Lynne Barre's work at NOAA here. Or you can visit the Center for Whale Research for more information. 
To watch those Youtube videos we...

Jan 29, 2019

New episodes start February 12th! 

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